ASPIRE -- An Innovative Hypersonic Propulsion Paradigm

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C. MacLeod et al. (2019), JBIS, 72, pp.90-101

Refcode: 2019.72.90
Keywords: : Scramjet, Pulse detonation engine, ASPIRE, Hypersonic, Propulsion, Pellets, Air fuel mixing

This paper reports the results of a theoretical study into an innovative scramjet-like hypersonic propulsion system. The method, named ASPIRE (Air-breathing Supersonic Pellet Injection Rotary Engine), aims to overcome one of the main limitations of the traditional scramjet cycle – poor mixing and therefore inadequate combustion of air and fuel. The proposed system achieves this by redirecting the main airflow, injecting encapsulated or localised fuel throughout the engine-duct mixing volume and then switching the main airflow back on – this then engulfs and mixes with the fuel. The results presented here include design calculations, simulations and mathematical modelling. These show that the system performs well in simulation and gives excellent theoretical results for air-fuel mixing and airflow dynamics. A road-map to a working engine is also outlined.

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