The Social Dynamics of Science, Exoplanetary Environments and the Drake Equation

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D. A. van Belle (2018), JBIS, 71, pp.65-69

Refcode: 2018.71.65
Keywords: Drake Equation, Fermi Paradox, SETI, History of Science

Despite the fact that intelligent life might well evolve on a super earth, or on a terrestrial planet orbiting an M-class red dwarf, a conceptual exploration of how the social dynamics of science are likely to interact with the environments on those planets suggests that such species are unlikely to develop the capability for, or an interest in interstellar communication. Those same social forces are likely to have the opposite effect on a species that evolves on a habitable exomoon. This indicates that gas giants orbiting in the habitable zones around stars may represent a higher probability target for the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.

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