Stellified Planets and Brown Dwarfs as Novel Dysonian SETI Signatures

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M. M. Cirkovic (2016), JBIS, 69, pp.92-96

Refcode: 2016.69.92
Keywords: Astroengineering, Dysonian SETI, detectability, terraforming, SETA

Advanced Galactic civilizations might, if originally evolved in circumstellar habitable zones of their home planetary systems, occasionally engage in the process Martyn Fogg dubbed “stellification”: converting gas giants into stellar objects. There have been several developments since the time of Fogg’s original article (1989) which make this astroengineering feat generally appealing. The general concept of stellified substellar objects as a new class of astrophysical sources is introduced. Such sources might, in principle, be detectable from afar, and thus constitute artefacts in the sense of an unorthodox, Dysonian approach to SETI. Therefore, searching for a new kind of astroengineering artefacts – stellified brown dwarfs and giant planets – is warranted.

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