Technical Note: Pirouette Launch and Energy Storage System

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M. Ostoja-Starzewski (2015), JBIS, 68, pp.406-407

Refcode: 2015.68.406
Keywords: Tether system, spacecraft launch system, energy storage

A novel astronautical launch system based on a spinning twin-mass-tether concept is proposed. Because of its analogy to the pirouette maneuver of gure skaters, it is called a Pirouette Launch System. It relies on a conversion of rotational motion, accumulated through a low-power and long-term energy source, into a high-power axial motion. The low power would come from sources such as two solar batteries, solar sails, or a conventional rocket propulsion. The self-balanced twin-tether system may also be modi ed into a Pirouette Energy Storage System in the outer space.

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