Mission Mars: A Dentist's Perspective

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A. Goyal et al. (2015), JBIS, 68, pp.393-399

Refcode: 2015.68.393
Keywords: Aeronautical dentistry, Mission Mars, Space, Microgravity, Oral health, Oral cavity

The human body is designed to survive in a 1-g environment of Earth. It is possible that microgravity (0.38-g) of Mars may have some detrimental effects on the physiology of human body. It has been reported that dental caries, periodontitis, alveolar bone loss, fractures of jaw bones, numbness of teeth and soft tissues of oral cavity, stones of salivary duct and oral cancer are all more prevalent in simulated microgravity as compared to Earth. This review article aims to describe the detrimental effects of arduous conditions of Mars on the oral cavity of humans, their possible explanations and probable solutions.

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