Concept Design for Space Habitability for Long Term Missions

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S. M. Dakka (2015), JBIS, 68, pp.363-368

Refcode: 2015.68.363
Keywords: Habitability, Concept design, space Law, Human factors, Physiological effects

Conceptual designs for two space habitats are discussed that can accommodate 4 crew members on a long term planetary mission. The concepts are based on interior design simplicity that enables maximizing efficiencies of limited spaces. The design was developed to address, ease of transport, human factors and space law and policies. Concept one is two levels, has a horizontal orientation cylindrical shape with hemispherical end caps and can be transferred in one transport vehicle. The second concept consists of single level identical pods with a streamlined 3D printing capability for ease and low cost manufacturing subject to maturing additive manufacturing technologies. Both concepts comply with space law and policies, in the sense that designed space is large enough to develop self-sustaining life with no resources drawn from the planet.

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