The Electromagnetic Quantum Vacuum Warp Drive

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T. J. Desiato (2015), JBIS, 68, pp.347-353

Refcode: 2015.68.347
Keywords: Electromagnetic warp drive, quantum gravity, exotic matter, propulsion

It is proposed that gravitational fields may be interpreted as a variation in the relative available driving power (Watts) of the Electromagnetic, Zero-Point Field (ZPF). It is shown that variations in the relative power are covariant with variations in the coordinate speed of light as measured by distant observers in unaltered space-time. Gravitational time dilation and length contraction may then be interpreted as a loss of power in the ZPF. It is shown that an amplification of the ZPF is necessary to drive inflation and achieve faster than light speeds. This principle of matter and power is utilized to show the form of matter required, may be interpreted as a reduced ground state equilibrium energy density of ordinary matter. Associated with an increased ground state energy and volume, caused by the increased power of the ZPF. This property is utilized to derive a new type of electromagnetic warp drive that can eliminate the effects of time dilation and length contraction that occur in accelerated reference frames. In this paper it is shown that a warp field may be achieved by putting real energy into the ZPF, rather than extracting energy from it and thus represents a paradigm shift in warp drive technology.

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