Space Tourism and Safety from Infection

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V. K. Ilyin; D. A. Tiurina; N. A. Usanova; L. V. Starkova; Z. O. Soloviova; Ju. A. Morozova; N. V. Kirjukhina; A. Webb (2007), JBIS, 60, 419-425

Refcode: 2007.60.419
Keywords: Space tourism, infectious threats, probiotics, human microflora

This paper highlights the major scenarios of the microbiological changes which occur in the human organism in space missions, i.e. the increasing of the conventional pathogen population share in human microflora and changes in antibiotic susceptibility, and substantiates compatible countermeasures based on probiotics consumption. Special attention is given to the prospects of the consumption of probiotics made of strains which are representative of human commensurate microflora for the support of resistance during a space journey. It is a most important technique and one which will be acceptable for space tourists.

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