The Aquarius, A Proposal for a Nano-Satellite Launcher Vehicle

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J.S. Calero (2007), JBIS, 60, 367-376

Refcode: 2007.60.367
Keywords: Aquarius, Nanosatellite launch system,

Here we present a nano launcher vehicle capable of injecting a 14 kg satellite in a polar orbit of 400 kilometres of altitude. This vehicle, which we call Aquarius, has an approximate mass of 1,000 kg and is transported and launched as an external load from a fighter aircraft such as the F-18 Hornet or EF-2000 Typhoon. Although we are dealing with a theoretical exercise, the solution we propose here is totally realistic. The calculation methods employed are the usual ones in the preliminary phases of projects of this type, and the technology proposed for the systems corresponds to current state-of-the- art. Of course there are some areas in which conjecture was introduced as to study them in detail would take too long; however we have tried to provide solutions that are both realistic and likely. As regards the numerical values employed in the diverse parameters and magnitudes, we tended to be a bit more conservative. Conceptual aspects, calculation methods, technological solutions and economic and scheduling provisions all derive from knowledge acquired from the extinct Capricornio programme.

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