Rocket Engines from the Glushko Design Bureau - 1946-2000

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A.A. Siddiqi (2001), JBIS, 54, 311-334

Refcode: 2001.54.311
Keywords: Soviet rocket engines, Russian rocket engines, Valentin Glushko, OKB-456, NPO Energomash

Valentin P. Glushko (1908-89) oversaw the most influential rocket engine design organization in the Soviet Union. Originally known as OKB-456, the design bureau designed first stage engines for almost all operational Soviet ICBMs, the exceptions being the UR-100 (U.S. Department of Defense code name SS-11) and the UR-100N (SS- 19). According to official information, the design bureau has developed more than 120 engines since the end of World War II [1]. This article will attempt to summarize the development of engines at the Glushko Design Bureau and identify its the main thematic trends over the course of 55 years.


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